Our work stands on the twin pillars of cooperation and communication. We respect the views and thoughts of others, we work independently and precisely, seek solutions together. We are open to new challenges. We enjoy our work.

Team of wonderful people

The greatest benefit of our work is our team. We are a large company, but we work together. We look forward to our job and are sad to leave at the end of the day.

Education, certification

Our employees grow with us and we with them. We arrange regular professional schooling, certification and regular language courses with native speakers.

Pleasant work environment

We are located in a building equipped with modern technology, in a pleasant part of town, with excellent public transportation and nearby facilities.

Individual approaches

We provide the necessary space for everyone, and help them find their place in the team and the company. Flexible work hours and home office are a given.

Interesting projects

We offer participation in international projects and national solutions, act as an authority in the area of registration systems and management of cultural heritage, manage hundreds of servers for several dozen large customers with international affairs.


Besides routine employee benefits, we organize regular company ski trips, river floats, wine-tasting and numerous other activities.

We're growing and looking for new team members