Barcode and QR code scanners

We are the exclusive distributors of Generalscan products in the Czech and Slovak republics. Generalscan offers a wide portfolio of printed code scanners. The principal advantage of all types of scanners is mobility, easy service and rapid integration into service. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, scanners can connect to mobile devices (iOS, Android) and so do not require intensive investment into your infrastructure.

The manufacturer uses laser and CCD scanning technology, and can read both 1D (bar) and 2D (QR) codes. For integration with existing SW applications, there is an open-source SDK application, which can be tailored to individual needs.

Besides supplying the products, we offer customized implemented solutions (our own app for mobile devices, integration with existing SW, development of new SW).

Scanners are useful in:

  • product tracking
  • storage registration
  • health care
  • transportation
  • inventory control


We will happily loan you a scanner to try out in your business. If you are interested, contact us here.

Our current satisfied customers

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