Cloud computing and server virtualization

You do not need to buy your own servers, software or hardware, you will not need to deal with regular updates, nor concern yourself with security of your computers or network. You will be relieved of all burdens of maintenance or regular selection and purchase of new hardware. Try our cloud services and virtualization.

What are the advantages of the cloud?

Cloud, or cloud-computing is an effective method of ensuring necessary machinery and services without having to purchase your own hardware and software. You do not even need to know what sort of hardware and software you need. What is important is your requirements, which our team of experts will use to assemble a suite of services, accessible to you via an Internet connection. When using cloud computing, any changes in your needs can be accomodated quickly and easily, simply by changing a few settings in our service structure, instead of costly and lengthy purchasing of your own technology.

What are the advantages of server virtualization?

Servers are safely installed in modern datacenters, with full backup services and robust connectivity.

Operating system of your choice, completely under the customer’s control.

Low cost compared to purchasing your own dedicated servers.

Backing up to a separate datacenter, to ensure maximum data safety.

Growth at your own pace, whenever you need it – specifically, services tailored to your needs. Additional processors can be configured, greater RAM capacity, more disk space, etc.


What sort of datacenter do we use?

VS hosting and Superhosting with modern technology, secure and high-quality construction, with high-capacity throughput on a surface of over 1600 sq m. Naturally, complete backup services, fire suppression and 24/7 security personnel are part of every datacenter we use.


Priority solutions

  • 24/7 support
  • scalable performance
  • replication into an independent datacenter
  • creating and implementing even non-standard solutions
  • monitoring, alarm messages via SMS
  • guarantee of problem solving by professional in the field