eSbírky – cultural heritage online. The presentation portal allows publication, searching and viewing of collection items in Czech museums and galleries. The system was developed and is managed by the National Museum ČR, the national aggregator of the Czech Republic for the Europeana cultural heritage database.

The system provides museums and galleries with free, online presentation of collection items, making them available to the public, and publication to the European databank of cultural heritage, Europeana. Since 2010, over 150 institutions have joined the eSbirky project, and the number of published collection items has passed 160,000. It is available with no restrictions on locality or financial obligations, in both Czech and English.

Each published collection item has attached photographs or audio recordings, basic description and registration information (detailed description, institution name, collection name, dating, collection location, material, registration number, etc.), sometimes additional context documentation. Items may be shared on social networks or sent in the form of postcards.

The eSbirky portal uses published collection items to form popular and very interesting thematic virtual exhibitions. Currently there are more than 50.

Besides information on collection items, the eSbirky homepage has current information on exciting cultural activities and events.

Basic statistics

106,000 published collection items
158 memorial institutions