Informational system for tracking collections in museums and galleries.

Centralized solution for managing collections from the individual level, through groupings by city, district, up through national institutions; publication platform for web portals and virtual reality projects.

Registration, manipulation, conservation, storage, acquisition, collection, publication, processing, CES and PSEUD reporting – designed for large museums and organizers, also suitable for smaller and private collections.

MUSEION is suitable for work with all types of collection funds, and thanks to a special cataloging formula, offers a detailed interface solution for cataloging and other processing of data from historical, artistic, ethnographic and others fields, as well as for various natural science specialities, currently botany, entomology, geology/mineralogy, paleontology and zoology.

Naturally, we include user-editable tables of professional terminology, specific to each field, including heirarchical taxonomical tables in natural science.

MUSEION operates in complete accord with Czech and Slovak legislative requirements for museum collection management, and respects international standards and methodology of collection creation, while allowing for established methods of proper museum practice. It is currently available in three language variations – Czech, Slovak and English, and Ukranian versions are currently being finalized.

Advantages and specifications of the system

  • Maximal utilization of system lexicons, shared across the entire institution
  • Full integration of GIS map services
  • Ability to integrate with external portals and services (ministries, archives, libraries)
  • Wide scale of automatic document processes (photographs, video, audio)
  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire ‘life-cycle’ of collection items, from initial acquisition by the museum (including field work), through registering into chronological ledgers, reporting to CES, professional documentation in administrative registration, loans, exhibitions, conservation / restoration, inventory control, all the way to discarding from the collection.
  • Offers users everything necessary for daily professional work tasks, including individual settings of work environment (display, forms, processes and variable agendas).

Basic statistics

10,000,000+ registered collection items
50+ memorial institutions in three countries

MUSEION documentation

Complete documentation of registration system, instructions, online help and new versions here